Hand and Foot Driving Controls

Hand and foot driving controls were created to allow drivers with limited dexterity, motion, and/or tensor control to drive a vehicle.

Please note that the MVA requires driver evaluation and a prescription before Hand Controls, Left Foot Accelerators and Steering Knobs/Spinner Knobs can be installed.

Steering Controls, Left Foot Accelerators Maryland
  • Steering Knobs
  • Spinner Knobs
  • Left Foot Accelerators
  • Push Pull Hand Controls
  • Right Angle Hand Controls
  • Steering Control Hook Grip
  • Quad Steering Devices
  • V-Grip Steering Devices
  • Left Foot Gas Pedal with Roller
  • Parking Brake Handles
  • Left Hand Gear Shifts
  • Right Hand Turn Levers
  • Quad Key Turners
Monarch Hand Controls Left Foot Accelerators, Brake Guards

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